About Us

It’s about more, more than we see through the natural eye.

.about sets out to place an abstract value to each individual garment. These values then find homage to a new owner. We carry a sweet fragrance that is honorable and pleasing. We are the light.
Each garment is named after someone who has added value and given purpose to my story. They live lives worthy of being celebrated; they have discovered pure joy through suffering and they have seen the fruit of thanksgiving and rejoicing. They are made perfect; they are loved and know the treasures that are within them.
I hope that people will be able to associate themselves with a style and that each style will represent someone…

Who Made Our Clothes

My name is Anna-Mart. The idea of .about started in 2016. At the time, I was working as a stylist at a TV show. With jammed packed days, I had little time to set about my desire of designing a range and planning a business of my own. This desire soon overflowed into courage.  By the end of 2016 I was brave enough to leave the comfort of a paid job and pursuing my ultimate dream- the opportunity to make a difference in an industry where basic human rights are being ignored and the appreciation for garments are lost within a consuming generation.


I am in charge of the whole design process, from planning, designing, pattern making, and sewing prototypes to the finishing off of each garment. – This is what I love and what gives me purpose.

Aunt Patty

She's born and raised in De Doorns, a small town in the Western Cape, South Africa. At the age of 23 she moved to the mother city, Cape Town. After a few years of some odd jobs she then started working in a clothing factory (she had no experience whatsoever in sewing), where she worked for 16 years until the factory closed down. She then decided to move back to her hometown, De Doorns. Her first job back was for a lady from town – sewing overalls.


Only after a few years she started her own business called: Patches and Stitches. She mostly does alterations. She is 61 and lives with her mother, sister and sisters daughter. Patty is a friendly lady, always helping where she can and finds it very difficult to say no to someone who needs her help. Aunt Patty and I work hand in hand. We work well together. I am so blessed to have met this remarkable woman.




She was born and raised in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa. After school she did a course in sewing and started working in a clothing factory in Worcester.
After two jobs in clothing factories she started working from home making school tracksuits, playsuits and whatever clients requested her to do. 
She later started working for a boutique and during that time relocated to De Doorns. She lost her job during the Covid pandemic and luckily our paths crossed. Joan is an absolute joy to have in our studio. She loves her job, it is truly her passion. She is very charismatic and light up our working environment.
Joan has 3 kids, 3 grandchildren, her husband is a policeman in our small town and they are happily married.